Pay-as-you-Go Personal Training

Serving Victoria, BC and surrounding areas

Are you ready to get healthy?

Is this you?

I tried to lose weight, but I got no results.
I avoid looking at myself in the mirror.
I don’t like my body.

Would you like to:

Have more energy?
Feel better about yourself?
Confident? Sexy?

My name is Monica and I am a personal trainer here in Victoria, BC.  Whether it’s losing weight, gaining muscle, training for a marathon, or just to feel better about yourself; I can help!  I’m actually training quite a few people right now for the upcoming Tough Mudder:)

I have years of experience helping people reach their goals and I can help you too!  I know that you might be feeling frustrated and discouraged, but don’t give up on yourself!  You can do this!

You don’t even need to go to a gym.  I am a mobile personal trainer, so we can train in the convenience and privacy of your home or office.  You won’t need much room and I provide all of the equipment.  Think you’re missing out on something because you aren’t working out on all those fancy gym machines? Gym machines only work one muscle group at a time and the majority of them are all seated exercises, so there is no added core workout:( I can show you how to work multiple muscle groups at a time, so that you have an effective and efficient workout. Mobile personal training also allows you to use your time more efficiently because you don’t waste it driving to the gym.

Have no idea about what you should be eating and when?. All of my clients receive nutritional support ranging from a few tips to structured meal plans. This is important because what you eat and when will absolutely affect whether or not you will see results from your workouts.

No more boring workouts.  Your workout with me will be dynamic and fun!  You might even have sore abs from laughing; I can be pretty funny:)

If you would like more information or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I want you to succeed!

Thank you for stopping by!  I appreciate you taking the time to visit my website.