“From spin, fitness classes to personal training, Monica masters it all. She is one of the most motivating people that I have a pleasure knowing, and if I can be motivated anyone can. One of the differences between Monica and other instructors is Monica’s passion. It is obvious that she teaches for the sheer enjoyment of helping others achieve their fitness goals. Plus, not only does she make exercising enjoyable, you actually see the results in as little as a few classes. I highly recommend Monica to anyone who is trying to incorporate fitness into their lives.” - Jessica

“I train with Monica just for the sheer fun and enjoyment of it. She will leave you drenched with sweat, feeling challenged and smiling from ear to ear from her focused, effective and above all motivating style. Monica’s knowledge, creativity and intense passion can make anything possible!”  -  Jennifer

“Monica was my fitness idol/butt-kicker for several years while I was studying at UVic. Her classes and sessions are so amazing because she follows along with you doing every move or every action with so much vigor and a giant smile on her face, you couldn’t guess that she was exercising! Just this alone is a huge motivator for everyone in the room because we all strive to bring that much joy in our fitness routine. She won’t quit until you’ve surpassed your fitness goals. Actually, she won’t quit until your original fitness goals are so far behind you that you can’t even see them anymore! Monica’s cheerful and determined attitude makes exercising fun and I would HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend her!” – Brinda

“Outstanding workout instructor. Whether doing weight training, kick boxing, step or spin Monica is always high energy and makes working out a lot of fun. She is truly motivating and inspirational and you’ll be happy with the results that you see from her workouts.” – Candice